Creating character in our girls

I can’t help but feel a bit guilty over the past year with the decisions I’ve made and how they affect our girls.  One of my daughters is 14 – a very impressionable age.  She is going through all the hormones and popularity challenges as well as trying to focus on school, excel in dance and shuffle back and forth.  She is my oldest and was there for things she should never have had to see, so she understands but it doesn’t make these things easier.

I worked very hard developing a relationship with her over the years and I feel we are close.  However, that does not prepare me for the things she is thinking, feeling and doing right now. I know I’m not alone here… where is the step-by-step instruction manual for teenagers??? I need the instructions for today!!!

It is often that I am reminded of my sole purpose in life and that is to raise loyal, respectable, trustworthy people.  I wish there was a scale or monitor that could tell me how I’m doing?  I just have to believe and trust (which is difficult) that she is developing good character and being the kind of friend and student that others look up to.  I am in constant wonder, am I setting a good example?  Only time and events will tell.

For now, I am watching both our beauties sleep… they are so sweet, pure and innocent. They are my purpose for working so hard to provide for them.  They are my reason to keep going when the bad days come.  For today, my focus is solely on them.  They need my support, love, attention, affection and guidance and I can’t wait to see who they become.

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