Perseverance past pain

Every day is a new struggle when you are divorced with children.  When there are deep wounds from that relationship, it is even more painful.  

My biggest challenge is not allowing the girls to see the struggle. On sad days, that is the hardest because they know me and want to understand what’s wrong.  On mad days, I can’t let them see that either and/or take it out on them.  I find myself internalizing a lot of it or confiding in wonderful friends.  I have surrounded myself with amazing, uplifting people and I feel that is the key.  You have to talk to someone and it has to remain positive. Sure you can vent, but you have to be redirected.

If you don’t have this close circle, start building it now, they will be key in ensuring you persevere and they will hold you accountable if the enemy tries to bring you down to their level.  It’s easy to be combative and return evil with evil, but your character will suffer and so will your children because they can see your struggle.

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