Bullying not allowed

Today I had a discussion with my attorney and unfortunately will be going to court in the future.  If I have learned one thing through all of this it is not to allow bullying.

Throughout the past 16 years, I have been bullied by my husband/ex-husband.  Funny, I always thought (and he always told me) I was the controlling one.  I thought if I was agreeable and if I tried my hardest to work with him, he would eventually get tired and just want what’s best for our daughters.  That has not happened.

It has been almost 1 year since our divorce and I think our communication is getting worse.  I will never understand the need to continue to be mean?  We have 2 beautiful children together that depend on us working together. I have tried my best and while I’m not giving up, I’m not going to let him run all over me any longer.

I deserve the peace of knowing I’m doing the right thing, I also deserve the peace of knowing I stood my ground and didn’t back down when my heart hurts from all the back and forth.

I’m sad today because I should be the one that angry, I should be the one that’s mad and mean, but I’m the one wanting to do what’s best for all.  I don’t want anyone to hurt and especially not the girls.  I wish everyone felt the same.

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