Behind closed doors

Today I’m reminded about the importance of being who you are in public and in private.  There are too many women/men that endure heartache and abuse and even those closest to them do not know.

In 2007, I was pregnant with my 2nd daughter and was put in the hospital by my ex.  I drove myself there with my 4-year-old daughter and lied to protect him.  I didn’t call the cops, I told the doctor I fell.  In reality I had had a beer can thrown at my face so hard that it gashed my eyebrow open.   I received stitches and drove myself and our daughter home.  There were no apologies and I’m sure I thought in some way this was my fault. That weekend, his entire family was in town and everyone, including me, pretended nothing happened.

There are so many people that endure this type of behavior and as crazy or dumb as it sounds, no one knows.  Please remember there is a better life out there.  People that are good people do not treat someone they love this way.  If you hear of a loved one having endured this and you wonder why they weren’t smarter… please remember there are people out there that believe or see the best in others and they aren’t dumb, they’ve just lost their confidence and worth at the hands and words of an abuser.

I am so glad to have made the choices I’ve made.  I have found someone that loves like I’ve never known before.  There’s no anger and definitely no abuse.  There is kindness, generosity, fun and laughter. I am grateful to have had the experiences I have had because I have 2 beautiful girls.  I am so excited to show them what to expect in their relationships.  I want them to know their worth and experience someone that truly loves them through everything, but until then, I will be building their confidence, and helping them create standards for what to expect!

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