Nobody wins…

My ex recently said “see you in court – you won’t win, but good luck”. One of the many things he will never understand is that nobody wins when you’re divorced with children.

In fact everyone loses a lot and the girls have lost the most.

They’ve lost the following:

Their family of 4 as they knew it

Their parents communicating and loving each other

Their sense of security

Their home

Their stability

Their belongings all being in one place

Their trust in marriage or relationships

Their ability to make sense of all that has happened in the past year

Their confidence in knowing all will be ok

I can’t give them all of this back, but I try to do whatever is best so they feel secure, loved and know what’s coming.   Some people do not understand how to put others’ feelings first.  Some just want to win… I want what’s best for the girls and winning has nothing to do with it.

Remember if you have children and are divorced or going through divorce, nobody wins – and the children end up losing the most.

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