Sometimes it can be about you…

I am one of those people that love taking care of others.  My loved ones know I care because I show them daily.  But over the past few years, I have had to realize a very important part of balance in life – sometimes it can be about you.

As a full-time business woman, mother, friend, sister, daughter and girlfriend, I have a lot of people that depend on me and need my time.  Dividing it up and making sure everyone else is ok is exhausting and rewarding all at once.  I find that all of it is even more rewarding when I take a little time for myself each day.  Whether it’s at the gym or my own personal quiet time, I  can tell a difference when I don’t make me a priority.

Most days it’s time at the gym or a nap, but whatever it is it’s special.  I have the support of someone now that ensures I take time for me and also does things just for me to show me he cares… it’s amazing.  I don’t feel bad for taking time for me and those that truly love me – understand it’s important too.

Take time for you today.  What makes YOU happy?  What can you do to bring peace and joy to your life?  You deserve it, you need it and others will benefit even more.😘

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