Sometimes negative can be positive…

Sorry for my absence lately…I have gotten to spend the past 2 weeks with the girls and it has been great!!  Both girls got to showcase their talents at dance and gymnastics season finale’s and we’ve kicked off summer with family, water parks, puzzles and sleepovers.

During the past 2 months, I have drug-tested my ex… he avoided the first request and finally after 4 attempts and a judge order, took the test I requested.  It came back today negative.  While most would think this would disappoint me (including him) it has the exact opposite affect on me.  For 17 years I have wanted him not to do drugs.  I wasn’t important enough, our marriage wasn’t important enough and I am so grateful that our girls ARE important enough.

This is just a small victory, you see an addict remains an addict for life.  While he may be negative for drugs this month, there is still a long road ahead for me and our girls.  And the alcoholism is still there.

Today I will be grateful and continue to hope for the best…if only all the negatives could be positive.

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