Love has lots of different meanings and can take on so many forms throughout your life.  My hope is that everyone feels love in some way and is never lonely.

While reality tells me that’s not true for everyone, each of us can do our part by showing love to others.  Sometimes it’s really tough and sometimes it’s not reciprocated, but you can never go wrong by continued kindness and love.

Divorce is such a strange event in life.  When you are married and loving someone for a long time and then you are just supposed to stop.  It can become a strange feeling.  Divorce is necessary in some cases and you can have lots of bad behavior on both sides due to hurt feelings, but there shouldn’t be any denying of the fact that you still care.  New relationships evolve and people move on.  The love should continue unless it was never there.  When children are involved, it’s even harder.  We protect our children from the ugly of the world and through divorce, we bring it right into their homes.  

As a mother of children from our broken home, I have a few thoughts for today:

  1. You can love people in lots of different ways
  2. Love has no place for pride
  3. Love doesn’t always have to be earned or reciprocated
  4. Love in your life can improve your health
  5. Loving yourself is a trait many people do not have and it is needed.
  6. Showing love to others is free
  7. Knowing you are loved unconditionally is one of the best feelings in the world.
  8. Love is shown, not just spoken 
  9. Love is powerful
  10. Love is selfless

Show someone love today – the rewards for you are endless and you might just change their life for the better.  If I have done anything right in my life, it’s when I’ve given my heart to others and taught our daughters to do the same.

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