Staying for the kids…

Hello strong men and women.  I have had a lot of questions lately surrounding staying for the kids’ sake.  I want you to know this is a valid question and one any caring parent will contemplate prior to divorce.  

I was there for many years and, to be brutally honest, I revisited the idea during the divorce.  Anything is better than your babies suffering, right?  Ask yourself these questions:

Do you want your children to be in a respectful relationship?

Do you want your children to know true happiness?

Do you and your spouse model the behaviors you want them to share with theirs?

Do you believe children understand more than you realize?

Do you want your children to be adored by others?

Do you want your children to have strength and achievement?

Are you living your full potential with an unsupportive spouse?

If you answered yes to any of these, either start modeling the behaviors you want your children to live or make changes. Divorce may not always be the answer, but suffering for the kids’ sake is definitely not.

I was lucky, my ex was gone a lot, so it was just me and our babies.  It was fine, but I was alone and even at young ages, the girls remember.  I was suffering and even though I thought I protected them, they knew.  Would it have been easier on them to have us together? Probably, but what would I be teaching them?  Marriage takes 2 people giving everything – it cannot be one sided no matter how giving 1 person is.

Do not stay in an unhealthy relationship for the kids!  You are teaching your children something with all of your actions.  Focus on teaching them core values by modeling them every day.  Love, honesty, adoration, respect, honor, trust and strength are gifts of character that cannot just be spoken.  I am a better example every day now than I ever was before.  It took focusing on what is most important.  How are you living? 

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