I have had too many contacting me to leave this blog, so I’m back and my focus has shifted a bit.

Distraction – a daily occurrence when you’ve been through divorce, are married, have a full-time job, are raising kids, have fitness goals, etc… I assume this can connect with anyone.

Having all these distractions can cause a person to lose focus, drift from goals and in a sense, lose direction and feel like you are traveling backwards rather than forward. There’s hope. You have to get up every day with a purpose, know what you want to accomplish and get it done. Will you fail, you will (that’s how we truly learn to prevail). Will you make mistakes, yes… it’s how you handle the mistakes that allow you to change and grow.

Our church series was most recently about relational vampires – loving the people that suck the life out of you (Life.church)It was awesome!!! Do you know any of these? If you’ve ever known a narcissist, manipulator or self-centered individual, this series is for you (PS – it can be a child too). This series spoke to me in many ways – not only was I married to one of these individuals, my new husband was married to one in the past as well. Needless to say, our lives are filled with distraction and chaos. It requires daily focus, loving the manipulators through it and an overall sense to ensure our children do not grow into that type of adult. This is a big task – our children have genealogy that can pre-dispose them to these character traits.

Our conclusion: It’s out of our hands other than the example we set. “Your goal is not to be right – your goal is to help someone else be right with God.” – Pastor Craig

Now I will be the first to admit that every parental decision I’ve made is not right in the eyes of the Lord…I’ll bet a lot of them aren’t, but never a better time to start than now. Discipline was always something present in my girls’ lives – my bonus daughter, not so much. Circumstances were different and life experiences much more difficult than my girls endured. But excuses cannot be made when character development is needed. We will redirect our children to guide them to be good, kind, trustworthy individuals that develop goals and handle distractions with ease, forgiveness and love.

I have blogged previously about boundaries, respect, character, kindness and grace. All of these are required when dealing with distractions and figuring out the next step. Our behavior is key (sometimes that requires silence, no response or a prayer). We are human and will feed into drama on occasion – it’s best when we can recognize that and put an end to it in order to be at peace and put in the hands of God because it is bigger than we are.

My prayer for today: Dear Jesus, I pray that you guide me and my husband to focus on the positives in our day, to avoid distractions and to guide our children to do the same. Please help us look to you for answers rather than formulating them on our own and bring us back to you when we wonder and lose direction. Help us continue to be a team, stay strong in our bond together and let nothing interfere with our growth. Help us set a great relational example for our girls allowing them to know what to expect from others. Thank you for your grace always. Amen.

My hope for you today is that you are able to focus on what’s best for you, avoid distractions of any kind and accomplish what you set out to do. In this you will find or create your purpose and you will feel and be a success. Every day creates a new distraction or challenge… are you prepared?

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