The older I get, the more I realize how precious my time is… I spend countless hours worrying about things I cannot change, wasting moments I will never get back and using my time on people or things that do NOT deserve it. As a “giver”, a lot of us fall into this trap and often we forget to make time for us a priority.

A few reminders for today:

✋ STOP ✋

Worrying about things you cannot change

Wasting time on people that don’t deserve it

Spending energy on negative thoughts

✳️ START ✳️

Taking time to do the right thing

Spending time with the right people

Making time for what matters

Spending energy on positive thoughts

Focusing on me (sometimes 😉)

Savoring moments and creating memories

Taking time to express gratitude

Practicing patience

Showing kindness to someone unexpectedly

Time is so valuable and yet we literally waste it away each and every day. The tips are simple and may be just a quick reminder, but you cannot stay on track if you allow unnecessary thoughts, feelings, actions or energy to consume you and your day.

Time flies, life is short – might as well have fun!

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