Are you afraid to eat alone?

I was recently having a discussion with a dear friend and previous Sociology professor of mine from Oklahoma State University. We always have fascinating discussions about women and the evolution and liberation over the past century except for one constant – we are lousy in our choices of picking a life partner. We have made such huge strides in equality, women’s rights, independence and success in the workplace, but we lack in self-worth and the ability and comfort of being alone.

I’m writing this for the woman that needs to hear:

  1. YOU are enough
  2. Know what you Bring to the table
  3. Don’t settle for something less just because of your fear of being alone.
  4. Good men are out there and are praying for you
  5. This isn’t the 1920’s – you shouldn’t be expected to handle everything at home while you have a career (besides pearls and vacuuming never went together anyway)
  6. Chasing can be a fun and exciting part of a relationship – not when it is one-sided.
  7. Intimacy is amazing and so much better than “good sex”.
  8. If someone wants to be with you, they will make time – you shouldn’t have to ask.
  9. Be cautious of the “all about me” signs. Selfish ways have no part in a good relationship.
  10. Respect is necessary and you need someone that walks beside you and respects you – nothing less.

So how do make the shift to making good choices in life partners? We expect more! We don’t settle and we learn to be OK with eating alone. Build confidence among your circle and make sure the women around you see their worth. We have a lot of power and we need to start living knowing what we have to contribute.