Today I Choose JOY …

Every day we wake up we make at least 100 choices before we even get to work. We choose to get up (or hit snooze or skip work), we choose to shower (or not), we choose what we wear, we choose what to eat and drink and we choose what we think about during our morning routine. Those thoughts matter and that routine matters more than we realize because it sets the tone or mood for the rest of the day.

Have you ever thought something and immediately noticed those thoughts can change your course for the day? Your thoughts can control your happiness… or lack thereof. What you think is essentially who you are and what you become. You can actually train your mind to think positive even when it’s hard to. You can choose joy in the midst of complete chaos. By choosing positivity and joy, you have the power to fight off the negative forces that surround us. You may have the ability to have a great day when you thought you might not make it through.

Today is a regular day, but it’s been simple because I have chosen Joy rather than worrying about things I cannot change. I choose Joy because I am stronger than the fears that can taunt my mind. I choose Joy because I am an example for 3 young girls that watch my actions and behavior and learn from them. I choose Joy because my husband deserves laughs throughout the day rather than stress and concern. I choose Joy because my heart is more open to others and their needs. I choose Joy because I can and I challenge you to do the same. You just might enjoy more days and see the world through different eyes.

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