I’ve always thought I knew the meaning of this word, but as I grow and learn and experience life, I realize it can take on different meanings in different seasons.

The season we are entering seems to be one of the most difficult filled with BIG sacrifices. I find myself angry, confused, hurt and trying to make sense of it all some days. Other days I feel an overwhelming sense that we are going to be successful in what we are trying to achieve because our girls’ lives and well-being depend solely on us.

❤️Today I choose grace for myself and my sweet husband for always sacrificing when we know it’s right regardless of the situation.

❤️Today I can appreciate the kind, loving hearts we both have for each other and for our children.

❤️Today I will keep my thoughts positive even when the enemy attempts to derail them.

❤️Today I will remember there is purpose in our pain.

❤️Today I will focus on my personal financial successes that allow us to make more sacrifices for our loved ones.

❤️Today I recognize there is a greater love than I had ever dreamed and I am so thankful to experience that love each and every day.

We live in a selfish world… how amazing could it be if everyone was selfless and put other’s needs before their own? If everyone thought that their words and their actions could have a negative impact on others – could it change? What if everyone made huge sacrifices each and every day? Communities would come together, differences would be put aside and sacrifice would mean so much more to everyone. Doing what’s right isn’t always easy, but it matters to someone.