Love Shouldn’t Hurt…

Let that sink in….

We have probably all encountered relationships that have caused us emotional pain, concern, distress, self-doubt and a sense of loneliness. some of those relationships we spot right away and our our boundaries are in place and they do not affect us greatly. But… sometimes there are parts of that relationship that draw us in and being the empathetic people we are, we try to help the toxic person and allow them to slowly destroy us.

I consider myself a strong, confident woman. I have worked hard all my life to secure a successful career, raise my family and maintain relationships. I have been a victim of a couple toxic relationships and have only found the detriment of those in the past 5 years. After a couple years in therapy and many more years self-reflecting, I have been able to create boundaries and stick with them.

I was hurt by love over and over again. The entire time I was trying to figure out what I did wrong! Once I chose to leave, I soon realized all the gifts I have to offer and that I just had someone who didn’t appreciate them. I fell into the same type of relationship a couple times until I decided enough was enough. I would put myself and my heart first and no one was going to hurt me in the name of love again.

My favorite professor once said… “strong, independent women usually only have one area they fail in… picking a spouse that will support their success and be a partner not a project!” Love shouldn’t hurt and it’s time you stop allowing it! You deserve better.

In preparation for October – Domestic Abuse Awareness Month…Please be true to yourself and listen to your heart. It will never lie to you.

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