A little more about me…

I am a strong, confident, beautiful woman and 3 years ago found myself at my lowest point wondering if that was how my life would be forever.  I spent some time in counseling because “he” told me I was crazy and after a year of trying to figure out how I could change, the counselor said, “you are better than this and do not deserve to spend your life this way.”  I was shocked that someone else had to tell me this as I have always considered myself strong and confident.  I didn’t realize how broken I had become.

I am not alone in this and unfortunately, there are still some of you that are in that place.  I am here to say it isn’t easy but I am better off and so are my girls.  I hope you enjoy my story and my thoughts.  Some days are good, some days are bad, but through it all your character is what matters.

Update 2018: I am still the strong, confident beautiful woman, but my soul has grown and I found a partner that is all I’ve ever dreamed of.  His chatacter is unmatched.  His heart is huge and he loves like no one I’ve ever known. He is supportive of my growth and dreams, he is a leader when I get off track and we forge ahead together.  We make mistakes together and we disagree respectfully (because everyone disagrees from time to time).  It is a rewarding relationship in so many ways and even though I said I wouldn’t do it again, we were married on March 3, 2018.  We both have a past, we both have struggles, but we handle them with grace – most days ;-).   I am so ready for our journey together and can not wait to see what the future holds.